We urgently need to build the critical mass and political will for the deep-rooted societal change that is capable of containing and then reversing the effects of climate change and environmental degradation. The future of Earth – and all life on Earth – depends on it. Global Green and Green Cross promote legal, ethical, and behavioral norms that aim to change the values, actions and attitudes of government, the private sector, civil society and people at large so to ensure a sustainable future for humanity. With youth education a key priority for Global Green, Sirru Fen Fushi Fairmont, and Turkish Airlines, there is opportunity to collaboratively build, promote, and implement programming and meaningful change.

Global Green Journeys is a project that aims at creating a series of documentaries from various locations around the world, highlighting multiple catalytic projects and activities implemented by cities and communities in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and sustainable economic growth. The project falls under the 10-years-to-act framework followed by Global Green, acknowledging the reality outlined by the scientific community disclosing that the world has roughly a decade left to implement catalytic change and promote activities favorable to the circular economy and sustainable ways of living, to prevent irreversible climate change and subsequent catastrophic environmental and social effects.





Strongly committed to sustainable development, Turkish Airlines has developed sustainability agenda based on collaborations with business partners and NGOs to overcome sustainability challenges.



Global Green will activate its reputation, international network and mission to initiate opportunities, talent and experiences that achieve the project’s catalytic objectives.



The Fairmont Maldives will host the first episode and provide insights from its Sustainability Lab, levering its network and championing Sustainability throughout the Maldives and around the globe.



BOOM produces photos & virtual tours thanks to vetted creators worldwide and will contribute to the project by facilitating professional photographers and videographers to record, share, and manage the created content.


The Project launched in January, with the second phase scheduled for May 2022. Upon completion of Episode One, the summative assessment will evaluate the process, impact, performance, and objectives. Upon assessment evaluation, the recurrence of the series will be established, aiming for quarterly episodes.


January & May, 2022

Hotel Fairmont Maldives (Shaviyani Atoll, 20209, Maldives)

Episode Theme
The pilot episode will surround the plastic pollution emergency as well as some initiatives to reuse the cumulated plastic waste and valorize the material before it is disposed.

The Project Launch Episode will be implemented in partnership with the Fairmont Maldives, a member of the Accor S.A. hospitality group.

The main theme will be Plastic Pollution, which is a significant problem in the Maldives due to the biggest industries being fishing and tourism. Most of the products used arrive in styrofoam and plastic which form a large "trash island" that adds itself to the 1190 forming the archipelago.

The episode highlights the system utilized to recycle plastic, created to address the big question of how to make something out of ocean waste that is both sustainable, practical, and beautiful.

Fairmont Maldives & Global Green's activities:

• Tour of Recycling Centre and Sustainability Lab
• Sustainability Workshop 1: Extrude basic luggage label
• Sustainability Workshop 2: Design and create the plastic sheets to be made into furniture (Chair / Tables)
• Sustainability Workshop 3: Work with Carpenters to measure, cut, and build the designed furniture. 
• Boat trip to the Local Island School Educational Classes
• Join the Local Island Community Beach Cleaning / Plastic Free Event
• Local School to come to Fairmont Maldives for Sustainability Lab Workshop
• Turtle Rangers: Join a Turtle ID snorkel
• Turtle Rangers: Protecting Nests
• Do a Coralarium Tour with our Marine Biologist
• Make a Coral Propagation Frame with Marine Biologist
• Dive to Explore Manta Cleaning Stations
• Snorkel on house reef for Manta Feeding station

This Project also offer benefits to students, teachers, and the community at large in several key performance areas creating opportunities for schools to participate in and benefit from solutions to global warming and marine environmental damage:

• Adapt the School Project: initiative to learn about the impact of building construction on the environment and set an example for future generations that environmental quality is essential to our long-term well-being.
• Protect Student and Teacher Health –designed with attention to proper ventilation, can expect improved student and teacher health and higher attendance;
• Better Student Performance and test scores – Attention to site planning and adequate daylighting has been shown to heighten student performance;
• Provide a Unique Educational Opportunity – When advanced technology and design in other schools are made visible, the project could become a teaching tool as well as an environmental curriculum;
• Creating opportunities for schools to participate in and benefit from solutions to global warming;

In summary, schools can operate as living classrooms where students are provided with examples of sustainability, environmental stewardship and a strong sense of hope for a better, greener future from a practical perspective.

Goals of the Project & Strategy – 1st Year

The intent is to bring awareness reaching millions of people and educate about the benefits of the circular economy, valorizing our natural resources and finding creative ways to deal with pollution and climate change problems, as well as how they can become effective advocates and embrace a creative mindset to meet some of the global emergencies of our time.

Strategy – Creating an International Platform

Fostering the type and scale of change needed for an international transformation of catalytic initiatives around biodiversity protection, awareness and educational solutions will require a strategic, cohesive, and integrated approach. To accomplish this, Global Green will draw upon its partners and in-house expertise in communications, policy, and integrated design to share best practices, forge new innovations, and drive change. As part of a multi-year strategy, Global Green will work together with the Leadership Advisory Council to concretize the initial phase of the Episode Series and launch an international awareness Project with a dedicated platform aimed at inspiring citizens around the world to act consciously and consider reflecting and investing in transformative solutions. The long-range goals of the Projects are: 1) Make millions of people aware of the basic components and benefits of catalytic projects and inspire them to become part of the green movement; 3) Ensure sustainable requirements are followed in countries where they exist, and learned where are neglected; 4) Target 3 to 4 new locations a year that are suitable for documenting their catalytic activities and how they are addressing climate change and the various interconnected issues, including but not limited to ecosystems conservation.

Reflections Behind the Project

1. Nature in Crisis:

Trying to gain a realistic picture of the state of the to avoid addressing the worst impacts of plastic pollution biodiversity loss.

What is the magnitude and current state of biodiversity loss and the potential impacts and tipping points for ecosystem collapse?
What caused this and what actions can have a positive impact?
Understanding the linkages between addressing biodiversity loss, climate change, and development

2. The economics and finance of biodiversity: Transitioning to nature-positive economies.

Current economic and financial structures continue to support unsustainable levels of consumption and the destruction of natural capital.
Mainstreaming natural capital.

3. Building forward better - Investing in nature:

Mobilizing civil society organizations for biodiversity and ecosystem services.

From the shadows of a nature-related global pandemic, financiers and investors are waking up to the risks inherent in biodiversity loss as well as the opportunities emerging in nature-positive businesses and solutions.


Global Green USA works globally to create sustainable urban environments and combat global warming through green cities, neighborhoods, affordable housing, and education to protect environmental health, improve livability, and support our planet's natural systems. The organization employs a unique cross cutting approach that fuses technical assistance with education/outreach and policy advocacy. This approach results in built examples of green projects, as well as a strategy for using lessons learned to educate policymakers and the public, thereby influencing green building on multiple levels.As Global Green celebrates nearly 30 years of non-profit leadership in advancing solutions for climate change, the mission to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future is now more critical than ever. Over the past decade, Global Green has worked directly with governments, policy-makers, and corporations to achieve their sustainability goals with a primary focus on catalytic initiatives that will positively impact the green transformation in the next decade.Global Green has a vested interest in advancing the Journeys Project, as a catalyst for creating a movement toward sustainable communities and protecting the health of the environment.


Founding members: Mikhail S. Gorbachev & Diane Meyer Simon

Edward Norton, Jerry Moss, Pat Mitchell, Ted Turner, Yoko Ono, Dr. Jane Goodall, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Redford, John Paul De Joria, Norman Lear, Christiana Musk, Chief Oren Lyons


William Bridge, President & CEO   

Liam M. Quaresimin, Director of Global Development